Previous reports of Wendy Williams possibly allowing her estranged ex-husband back into her life to be her business manager again has now been debunked since The Blast details how it's very much not true. The 55-year-old recently paid a visit to Fox 5 to discuss such reports and made it very clear that Kevin's not stepping back into his old role. 

“The only business – I repeat – the only business me and Mr. Hunter are involved with is getting a divorce finalized,” she told the station. As for how things are going since Kevin's departure from the studio, Wendy detailed that things are great. "It's even better now probably because I've loosened up. The moral has always been good because I've taken the reigns," she added. 

Sarah Morris/Getty Images

“I want a divorce like yesterday, I want a divorce two months ago, three months ago," Wendy recently stated when discussing her and Kevin's drama. "Whenever I found out, four months ago,” she said, noting she wants to keep their relationship amicable. “I want a divorce, and I want to be friends with Kevin. I mean, and not because we have a son but because that was real love. I still love him just not in that way."