Wendy Williams has been embroiled in a very public break up from her estranged husband Kevin Hunter for a while now and it's been getting pretty ugly. The whole break up was initiated after it was revealed that Kevin had been cheating on her throughout half of their relationship which ultimately pushed Williams over the edge. Most recently, her son, Kevin Hunter Jr, was arrested after he punched his dad in the face for the way he treated his mother. It was a pretty honorable thing to do, although Hunter Sr is now blaming Williams for "poisoning" her son.

Regardless of how you feel about Wendy Williams and the situation, you have to feel for her in a way as this is a horrible situation that absolutely no one would want to be privy to. Recently though, Williams looks like she's been happier than ever and is moving on from the whole mess. Just yesterday, Wendy was spotted leaving her show in New York City with some fresh bling on her left hand.

Instead of her wedding band, Williams wore one of her favorite blinged out flower rings. While her marriage has been essentially over for a while now, the ring is symbolic of how she's decided to move on and that she won't remind herself of someone who's caused her so much pain in the past.

For Williams' sake, we just hope there aren't any more altercations between her son and her estranged husband.