She may have named names over a decade ago, but Wendy Williams was more discreet with sharing the identifications of the people involved in a story she recently told on her show. While speaking about actress-comedian Amanda Seales's controversy after she was kicked out of the Black Emmy's Party, Wendy took a moment to share a memory about a girl group who visited her at her radio station job with the intentions of assaulting her.

"I want to tell you something, and this is a real story, and it will be played out in my Lifetime biography which comes out in February," Wendy said to roaring applause from her audience. "Once upon a time, there was a music mogul who sent his all-girl group to beat my ass in front of the radio station. Fact! I finished my air..." she said as she seemed to tear up. "I finished my shift, round up my headphones, put my bag [on] my arm. See everybody lined up at the window looking down on the sidewalk."

She went on to explain that this incident occurred when she and her estranged husband, Kevin Hunter, were dating and he was picking her up from the station. By the time she got downstairs, Total was ready to throw fisticuffs. "I find this girl group, jump out of a gypsy cab, to come after me," Wendy said. "To beat my ass! For what? You know what I said was true. You all were broke and you were living in the projects, and that was that."

This wasn't the first time Wendy told this story, but when she shared it years ago, she certainly wasn't emotional about it and wasn't afraid to drop names. Back then, she mentioned that "there was no security or anything. There was just those three fightin' broads." The "music mogul" she refers to is most likely Sean "Diddy" Combs because at the time Total was signed to Bad Boy Records. Watch Wendy share the story in two different ways below.