Wendy Williams has developed a love-hate relationship with many of the game's prominent names. Rappers like 50 Cent and Method Man have taken to lambasting her at every opportunity, while others like The Game, 2 Chainz, and Ice Cube have chummed it up with her on occasion. It's safe to say that her ubiquitous presence has been seen through the peripheral for a minute, cementing her as a key supporting player in the world of gossip media. Unfortunately for Williams and her legions of tea-hungry fans, the host's health has been ailing of late, prompting her to call in a few sick days in the coming week.

As it happens, Nick Cannon is ready and willing to step forward, picking up the torch for a few days. On February 4th, 5th, and 6th, Cannon will hold it down as the interim host, going so far as to continue Williams' signature "Hot Topics" segment. Given Cannon's charisma and cultural savvy, his presence will likely go appreciated by the viewers at large. Whether Cannon will ham it up appropriately, or opt for a measured take remains to be seen.