Wendy Williams has had a rough go at things as of late. She broke down recently speaking about her estranged husband Kevin Hunter but during that video, she may have been sitting right next to her new man. Wendy recently posted a photo of herself getting close to an unidentified man during her vacation in Los Angeles. She hasn't outright confirmed that she's dating this guy yet but according to TMZ, she feels so comfortable around him that she's headed back to New York City and she's bringing him with her.

According to the report, Williams met her new boo on Saturday during her chill time with Blac Chyna and in a few short days, they've gotten pretty close. She is reportedly not ready to start a full-blown relationship with the man yet but she does like him enough to fly him out to the East Coast to spend more time together. He is reportedly in his late twenties, which makes him significantly younger than the talk show host. Wendy is already even joking about the age difference she shares with him, hashtagging a photo with "#oldenoughtobeyourmother."  

The media outlet reports that the man driving with her from Roscoe's Chicken and Waffles this weekend was indeed her new boy-toy. During the video, she apologized to him before breaking down in tears. He did not seem to be too weirded out by her display of emotion. We'll likely be seeing more of these two around the news.