Wendy Williams recently invited Robyn Crawford on her show as a guest to discuss the woman's private relationship with Whitney Houston. After the fact, Radar Online published a piece reporting that Wendy and Robyn embarked on a romance between each other. “Since the taping, Wendy and Robin have been texting each other,” a source alleged. “They have become close and are getting dinner next week.”  


Before the false report could go any further, Wendy took a moment during her most recent taping to vehemently deny that she's dating Robyn and making it clear that she's not into women. 

"I am no lesbian," she told her audience. "I like women for friendship; I like men and I like the D," she continued. "First of all, I'm not down with that, with all due respect to the lesbians. Second of all, Robyn is really married, she's got kids and I'm not a homewrecker."

Wendy detailed further how's she's never even been curious about being with a woman. "It's so complicated being a woman. I can't imagine two of us in a relationship," she said. "Yesterday, after the show, I got the surprise of my life. At 55, I got a period. I can't deal with two women!"