Wendy Williams and her cheating estranged husband Kevin Hunter may no longer be out of each other's lives for good as previously planned. As we previously posted, Wendy filed divorce papers and served them to her husband before firing him from his managerial position and getting rid of all evidence at her studio

Just hours after reports that Wendy canceled her tour due to the schedule being a "disaster" reports from The Daily Mail now state how she may be bringing Kevin back on her team. "Wendy and Kevin's marriage might be over but they still have love for one another and she realizes that when it comes to business they had a great partnership, there was definitely magic there," a source told the publication.

"Wendy has come around to the idea that it makes more sense for Kevin to stick around, it's best for her business and career and for their family. Since he left the business there's been a lot of infighting and back-biting behind the scenes, that's the kind of stuff Kevin kept a handle on."

Johnny Nunez/WireImage

Of course, Wendy is all kinds of furious about Kevin's actions but she's serious about her "legacy" and will do what's best or career at the end of the day. "Kevin is willing to work with Wendy but he wants to make sure anything he decides to do is in his best interests, that's what's being sorted out now," the source added.