Drama continues with Wendy Williams and her estranged husband Kevin Hunter. Things went all the way left since Wendy savagely served her husband divorced papers in a bow-tied wrapped gift. Despite the publicly issued apology Hunter made earlier this week on rectifying wrongs and putting family first, Williams remained dedicated to tooting and booting her long-time husband. 

Johnny Nunez/WireImage/GettyImages

The relationship crumbled since Hunter's alleged affair with 10-year mistress, Sharina Hudson. While their affair resulted in a love child, Kevin Hunter's Ferrari gift to Sharina was what pushed Wendy to the edge. Since then, the 54-year old television personality has been taking serious measures to keep her distance. In fact, reports indicate Williams increased the level of security on set to ensure Kevin Hunter stayed away from her. Though, the new word on the street is that Kevin Hunter won't be leaving without getting all of his coins. 

According to BOSSIP, an informed source claims the couple's parting will result in Hunter receiving a weighty settlement of $10 million dollars. Kevin Hunter served as an executive producer to the "Wendy Williams Show" since its debut 10 years ago. Should it be true, the latter is certain to add more insult to injury for Wendy Williams. 

We await for more details on the situation.