Recent reports by Page Six are in and apparently, Kevin Hunter has called the cops on his ex-wife Wendy Williams. Their encounters remain flighty ever since Williams filed for divorce after 23 years of marriage. Accordingly, last Saturday, the talk-show host was intercepted by 5-0 after she showed up at the Livingston, New Jersey property she shares with her estranged husband.


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The police report further details Williams arrived with a moving truck to gather her things and move them to another location. As such, Hunter did not appreciate the gesture, nor did he share Williams' vision. As a response, the former producer and manager to Wendy Williams called the police and demanded the items be left alone. 

A friend of the Wendy Williams Show star, Ronald Clinton, added within the police report that he was at the house during the encounter to "keep the peace." Fortunately, the police officers who arrived on the scene were able to keep things amicable with Clinton's help and allegedly reached a reasonable compromise.

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The report further entails, “Mr. and Mrs. Hunter mutually agreed to these terms, and further agreed that the remaining furnishings were to be undisturbed, inventoried, and valued at a later date." Under police scrutiny, Williams was able to recuperate her clothing, bedroom furnishings, and personal art pieces.