Fans of Wendy Williams were not happy this Sunday when her ex-husband Kevin Hunter used Valentine’s Day to make his new relationship official. Hunter posted a photo to Instagram of him and Sharina Hudson holding hands. The relationship between Hunter and Hudson is one that began while Williams and Hunter were still married, Hunter welcoming a new baby with Hudson before he and Williams had even divorced

The Instagram photo, which currently has more comments than likes, is captioned, “QUEEN & SLIM ....back @ it again!! LOL..CELEBRATE YOUR QUEEN ELEVATE YOUR KING! ENJOY!!!!” Fans certainly had a lot to say about the post, many commenters warning Sharina about Hunter’s inevitable future infidelity. 

“You are really a poor excuse for a man,” one commenter wrote. “Keep talking about your ex wife’s parenting does NOT take away from the fact that you cheated on her for YEARS and had the NERVES to have a baby on her. Stop trying to deflect from your bullshit! Be a man and admit that what you did was wrong.” Ouch! 

Another commenter added, “Slim & queen ending don’t go well. Yikes! hopefully ur queen don’t end up cheating on u too.” Some fans remained hopeful but cynical of the relationship, saying, “She may be your queen but she was sleeping with a married man for years! Hopefully it works out. Smh.”

The relationship between Hunter and Williams has been nothing but rocky since the start, Williams revealing in her recent Lifetime documentary that she’d found out about Hunter’s cheating very early on in their relationship. The couple didn’t finalize their divorce until January 2020, months after Hudson gave birth to her and Hunter’s child. Things are certainly messy.