After spending decades in the business, Wendy Williams is still one of the most talked-about television stars today. The 55-year-old talk show host specializes in gossip and drama, bringing her Hot Topics segment to life every day for her millions of tabloid-obsessed fans. Wendy has been having a rough year herself, going through a divorce and watching her son get arrested for punching her soon-to-be-ex-husband in the mouth. With a documentary series on the way, we'll get to take a deep dive into Wendy's personal life for the first time in a while soon, but don't expect her to be going on a reality TV run. According to sources at Page Six, the star has been contacted regarding a one-season deal at Real Housewives but she is absolutely not interested. 

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The Housewives franchise has been successful on Bravo and despite their interest in bringing in Wendy Williams for a future season, the queen of gossip is not down to divulge any further details. Especially not with them. A source claimed that Williams believes she's bigger than Housewives, saying, "There’s absolutely no way Wendy would ever join the Housewives franchise. It’s beneath her." Even though we won't be seeing her on the show soon, the source says that if she were to join the cast, it would be the most popular show in the world.

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