Things have not been going well for Wendy Williams this year. Many have argued that it's karma's work but she's managed to gain the sympathy nonetheless. Her estranged husband Kevin Hunter had a child with his side-piece, eventually sparking their separation. At the same time, she was dealing with her own substance abuse issues. Inevitably, Kevin Hunter's out here appearing to be a scumbag. Most recently, Andy Cohen joined Wendy Williams on her show where he showed his support for the talk show host.

According to Page Six, Andy Cohen isn't a fan of Kevin Hunter and he wasn't afraid of saying it publicly. During a taping of Wendy Williams show today, Cohen took a slight jab at Hunter to kick things off. “Your husband [Kevin Hunter] was not my biggest fan,” Cohen said. “I’ve been cheering you on for the last six years.” He added, “I’m so excited about Wendy in the city.”

Today also marks Wendy Williams' 55th birthday so you already know she's living her best life out here. Earlier today, she was seen walking around with a massive tiara on her head. So, yes, Wendy in the city is really out here having a Hot Girl summer, word to Megan Thee Stallion

Even though at 55-years-old Wendy's enjoying the single life, Andy Cohen, 51, told her that he's been living the dad-life lately. “I’ve been Andy in the city for a long time,” he explained. “I was ready for Andy on the couch with a kid.”