Bow Wow first stooped to a low level with he brought up his ex Ciara at a recent show telling the audience he "had this bitch first." Of course, Wendy Wiliams discussed the comment on her self-titled talk show and called out Bow Wow for his disrespect. "It's very distasteful, you know what I'm saying? We've all had somebody before we had you, man, but to be shirtless in a club, calling her a bitch, you are so wrong for that," she said. 

Sarah Morris/Getty Images

The "Like You" rapper stooped even lower when he shared an image of Wendy on Twitter, that sees her in her bathing suit with a comment that's very much body-shaming her. At first, sources said Wendy wasn't fazed by his childish ways and she proved it once more on a recent taping of her show when she dropped a comment clearly aimed at Bow Wow

The sly move happened when Wendy was discussing a pair of jean shorts, or rather "panty shorts" Lil Nas X sent her from his Wrangler collection. Her response to was plain and simple to anyone watching who would soon see her in her new apparel: "Please refrain from your body shame. You don't have to like it, but someone does."