For years, Wendy Williams has been a major source of drama on daytime television. She loves to stir the pot, which is mainly the reason why people continually tune into her show. This year, she's made it a personal hobby to create "baby mama charts" for celebrities who have many children, going after Future and Fetty Wap in recent months. If the recent reports are to be believed regarding her husband Kevin Hunter, she may want to make a chart for her own family.

Family Matters actress Cherie Johnson decided to chime in on the matter, joining 50 Cent in those that have shared their opinions. She dragged the TV show host to oblivion, asking the personality how her fractured shoulder was doing and suggesting that she injured herself after a physical fight with her husband. She even went so far as to hashtag "#karma." That's not even half of it though as she brought up the rumors that Wendy was born a man. In her video, Cherie said, "Hey Wendy! I heard that your husband got his mistress pregnant for the second time and you gotta play step mama again. Now, it seems like Kevin got that super sperm so how come you ain't gettin' pregnant? Oh, that's right. How you doin', William?"

She ended her rant by telling Wendy that "karma's a b*tch," challenging her to become a nicer person in 2019. Wendy still hasn't commented on the rumors about her family.