Yesterday morning, R. Kelly spoke for the first time since being released from jail, giving an interview with CBS This Morning about the numerous accusations that have been made against him. Gayle King handled herself tremendously during their sit-down, also speaking with Azriel Clary and Joycelyn Savage in a separate chat. Obviously, Kelly's interview was the subject of much discussion online, with memes being created and arguments being had over whether or not he's guilty. As expected, Wendy Williams came through with her proper thoughts about the case, speaking about the interview and stating that she believes he's guilty. However, she doesn't think that prison is the right punishment for him.

Gary Gershoff/Getty Images

Obviously, if R. Kelly has been abusing young women and girls throughout his decades-long career, he deserves to be punished pretty badly. Many, including attorney Michael Avenatti, see life in prison as an appropriate sentence. Wendy Williams, having been around Kelly for years, does not think that prison is the right place for him.

"I went from finding him hella guilty to guilty and feeling really sorry for him. To guilty and wanting him to get help," says Wendy. "His help is not behind bars, I don't know where his help is. And there needs to be help for the victims, including the victim's parents."

Williams goes on to note how often this happens in the United States, saying that the R. Kelly situation is just one that has been brought to light. Watch the full video below.