Wendy Williams is the talk show host known for stirring the pot when it comes celebrity gossip. Her who-cares attitude and sometimes savage remarks have gotten her in hot water more times than once. Back in February, Wendy had to take some time off air due to Graves disease. The 53-year-old took three weeks off due to flu-like symptoms that saw her faint on-air.

More recently, Wendy was spotted out with her son Kevin and many have taken to social media, pointing out how bulged Wendy's eyes appear in the photographs. According to Dr. Ranjeet Singh, who spoke with Hollywood Life, her bulging eyes are directly connected to her disease. 

“Graves is an autoimmune disease that is the most common cause of hyperthyroidism in the USA,” Dr. Singh said. “When Hyperthyroidism is paired with Graves, it can lead to eye inflammation, causing swelling of the tissues behind the eye sockets, and the eyes to ‘bulge’. Not all people with Graves develop eye inflammation though, it occurs in roughly a third of cases, but, when it does occur, a patient should ensure they undergo evaluation with an ophthalmologist as soon as possible, as if left untreated, it can lead to serious vision problems and even blindness in some cases.”

As of now, Wendy is still maintaining her TV schedule. Although she her symptoms are obvious, she's seemingly still going strong.