50 Cent has a long list of enemies, many of them he antagonizes without provocation. Ja Rule and Rick Ross are among those on the list on the hip-hop side but Wendy Williams has also found herself as a main target in Fif's tirades. Last week, rumors floated -- with additional fuel added by Fif --  that the rapper had booted Wendy from his Tycoon pool party. She was later spotted inside where she hung out with Snoop and get a quick flick. Although there's been a lot of back and forth, she's insisted that she wasn't kicked out.


Wendy broke down what exactly went down at the Tycoon pool party when she was spotted in the front of the club being denied entry. She explained that at that point things were hectic around them but all she wanted to do was get her son a quick picture with Snoop Dogg for his 19th birthday. "So I pulled up and all we see are cops and ambulances and I'm like, 'Okay.' And I was about 10 thick," she recounted. "I knew 50 was going to be there, but I was only there to see Snoop. To say, 'Look my boy is now 19. Let's take a selfie.'"

She added, "I was there to see Snoop and leave." She explained that she didn't realize that it was Fif's party until she got to the venue. "Girl look, I don't know what's up with that girl. I'm done," she concluded before plugging the return of her show.

Peep the interview below. Wendy speaks on 50 Cent at the 18:30 mark.