This year has been pretty dramatic for Wendy Williams so far. In December 2018, the talk show host found out that her husband had been cheating on her for over a decade. He and his mistress later welcomed their love child into the world, which led Wendy to file for divorce. After a physical fight, tons of shade and a stint in a sober living facility, Wendy Williams is finally getting back to her normal self. She's still dealing with all the emotions that come with a life change this serious and sometimes, she breaks into tears about it all. When TMZ cameras got up in her grill, asking about the divorce and the fight between Kevin Jr. and his father, Wendy started crying and said that Kevin and Kevin have a good relationship.

gotpap/Bauer-Griffin/Getty Images

Wendy says that she's going to try to maintain a friendship with her estranged husband in the future but right now, it's all too fresh for her to even try. She's been spotted out with a younger man and while she was in Los Angeles over the weekend, she spoke to the cameras about everything she's been going through. Referring to the altercation between her son and husband in the parking lot a few weeks ago, the talk show host said that "stuff happens in life" before saying that "everyone's gotta grow up." 

When it comes to enjoying moments as a family, Wendy won't let her divorce get in the way of Kevin Jr's life. She says that he will soon be graduating from college and they plan to celebrate as a trio.