Wendy Williams has become synonymously known as The Queen of Gossip. Before switching to television, the media personality spent a great deal of time as a well-regarded on-air personality in New York City radio. In her position, she often became involved in minor on-air spats with celebrities, partially propelling her into stardom. 

She allegedly created some tension earlier this month at a comedy club by refusing to snap a picture with fellow NYC queens of radio Angela Yee and Miss Jones. A source revealed to Page Six that The Wendy Williams Show host dropped by Caroline's Comedy Club in May with Miss Jones, and by coincidence, Yee was also at the Times Square venue. 

Considering the rare occurrence of all three NYC radio legends being together in the same space, both the Breakfast Club co-host and Miss Jones wanted to document the moment with a photo. The source explains that Miss Jones asked comic Donnell Rawlin to take a photo of the trio. 

"Come on, Donnell. I want to take a picture with the ladies of radio," Miss Jones allegedly said to the comedian. Wendy seemed less interested than the other two women and allegedly refused to leave her seat to get in the photo. 

The insider then explained to Page Six that a crowd member yelled, "Wendy, get up and go onstage to take the picture." The person continued, "What's her problem? Why wouldn't she get up?" Another person said, "If pity was a person." Angela and Jones then proceeded to snap a photo without Wendy. 

This was the first time the comedy club was open since its doors were shut due to COVID. "This is the first night in 15 months that we are open," owner Caroline Hirsch explained to Page Six. "It's been a fabulous time... and the weekends are going to be even more marvelous."