For months, Wendy Williams has been in the gossip headlines after her husband was allegedly having an affair, getting another woman pregnant in December 2018. Since then, Wendy took an extended leave of absence from her daytime talk show, citing her fractured shoulder as the reason. Many of her fans believed that she was actually working on her relationship with Kevin Hunter. It was revealed a few weeks ago that Wendy would be returning to her show today and she did just that, spilling all the tea on Monday's episode. According to People, she addressed her marital issues, the cheating scandal, as well as her health problems. 

Theo Wargo/Getty Images

"Let’s get started because apparently, I’m a Hot Topic," said the host on today's episode. Wendy revealed that she took more time than expected to heal from her numerous health issues, including a surprise flare-up in her thyroid. "I’m happy to tell you that I am doing swell," said Wendy before noting that her husband Kevin and their son often visited doctor's appointments with her. 

During the Hot Topics segment, Wendy discussed Jussie Smollett's case before reflecting on her marriage. "I want to shout-out to my husband. I’m still wearing my ring," she said. "Believe me you, when you’ve been with somebody for 28 years, married for 25 years … we know each other. He’s my best friend, he’s my lover. I know what you’ve been seeing .. but hunty, let me show you who I fell in love with and who he fell in love with." She proceeded to show a decades-old photo of the couple on the big screen. "Marriages have ebbs and flows, marriage isn’t easy. And don’t ask me about mine until you see this gone," said the host, pointing to her wedding ring.

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