Welcome Back Episode: What's My Name

Rose Lilah
June 06, 2017 13:20

What's My Name returns after a four year hiatus (!!).

If you've been a frequent user of the site for many years, you may recall one of our early ventures into video, a lyrics guessing game show called What's My Name. The series involved our host Broady the Joker walking up to unsuspecting rap fans in the Los Angeles streets to deliver knowledge-testing hip-hop lyrics. The last episode aired in 2013 (revisit it here), but we've decided to bring the series back to life, after ongoing requests from our loyal HNHH users. We see you, Bender Bending Rodriguez.

For the inaugural episode of What's My Name (2.0), we see some light tension arise between Jen Deleon and Broady, as Broady takes back what's his (aka the series). The episode is themed around the "welcome back" concept, and thus all the songs have the word "back" in the title.

Play along as you watch and let us know if you got all of these song titles correct-- and just know we're starting out relatively easy on you guys. If you have suggestions for future episodes of What's My Name, shout them out in the comments. 

Welcome back, What's My Name!

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