Buds can now be lawfully consumed in Beantown, as Massachusetts has become the latest state to legalize marijuana for recreational use. The psychoactive plant can now be burned, ingested, vaporized, or consumed in any way of the user's choosing -- as long as he or she is 21 or over and the usage is confined to private property. 

The law went into effect today, after a ballot measure proposing legalized recreational use of the drug passed on Nov. 8 by a mark of 54 to 46 percent. The decision makes Massachusetts one of eight states where recreational marijuana consumption is now legal. Ballots for recreational legalization were also held in four additional states last month, as the measure was approved in both California and Nevada, rejected in Arizona, and is still yet to reach a consensus in Maine, as a recount is currently underway. 

Advocates of nationwide legalization see Massachusetts as a key win for them, being the first state in the Northeast to legalize the drug recreationally. 

A Gallup poll conducted in October stated that 60 percent of Americans now support recreational legalization, reports Huff Post, and that number is even higher when it comes to making weed legal for medical use.