Canada is slowly heading towards being among the first North American country to legalize recreational weed nationally. To celebrate that incoming change as well as commemorate becoming worth more than $1.6 billion CAD, Canadian marijuana investment company Canopy Growth Corp. has changed its share ticker to WEED.

So now Canadian investors can tell people they’re buying WEED, albeit on the Toronto Stock Exchange rather than a local pot shop. Perhaps this will even inspire investing by younger individuals. Just imagining traders asking each other how WEED is doing each day is funny. What a time to be alive.

The weed industry in the United States is a bit further behind, but with more states on board and a growing body of research, we may be able to trade WEED in the United States sooner rather than later. Snoop Dogg is already involved in one of Canopy Growth Corp.'s brands, Tweed, which has partnered with him on his investments and his media company Merry Jane.

Which rapper is going to be the first to invest heavily in Canopy Growth Corp?

[via Canopy Growth Corp.]