Earlier today, we posted a story about Webbie putting his kids on blast, filming an Instagram Live story as he shamed them for being in bed with a girl. The entire ordeal went down in the early hours of the morning after Webbie heard a girl's voice from the studio. He proceeded to make his way to the room they were in and caught them all in bed together. TMZ reached out to the rapper and he ended up calling into their show to provide some updates on the punishment he had planned and what exactly the kids were doing.

From the jump, it was pretty clear that Webbie's sons, their friend, and the girl weren't playing Scrabble in bed. It was presumed that they were having sex but Webbie shot that down, saying that they were all fully clothed. "They were just being bad kids. It's 5 o'clock, 4 o'clock in the morning." When discussing what he has planned for their punishment, it was revealed that half of the deal is already done. "I ripped the doors off the room. They don't have doors no more." That's not all either as he said later that they're still working out the proper punitive measures to make sure his kids don't misbehave again.

Do you agree with the actions that Webbie is taking as a parent?