Young Thug is riding off the high of his latest single drop "The London," which featured the likes of J. Cole and Travis Scott. The song was met with mass approval, and has been deemed this year's "summer anthem," perhaps justifying Thug's most recent claim that he "had the biggest comeback of 2000&life." The song came as a preview to Thug's upcoming album, Gold Mouf Dog, which will be arriving in fifty-two days, according to this countdown. 

With over one million views in less than twenty-four hours, the sheer star power behind "The London" could mean one thing: Gold Mouf Dog may possibly be Young Thug's commercial breakout, especially given the Dreamville powerhouse now behind him. This is not to say that Thugger hasn't fared commercially well, but one can't deny that he hasn't yet seen the numbers to quite match his talent or star quality.

The "Take Kare" rapper took to Instagram this morning, to post a comical (be it, slightly incoherent) black and white clip of him proudly stating that he "had the biggest comeback of 200&life," followed by a "p*ssy ass b*tch." Thug is all smiles as he proceeds to move around the camera (giving us a momentary crotch view), whilst he shows off his cigar and the two diamond studs in his lip, as well as those on his teeth. The phrases "drink that" "yaah yeah" and, "baby, there aint nobody in the background," can be heard but the rest seems to be a stream of (good spirited) mumbles - but that smile is so infectious. 

Do you guys agree with Thugger's statement? Also, Let us know if you manage to pick up on anything else that was said in the amusing video.