YG already threw a verse on the defining Mother's Day song of 2018. "Proud," the new 2 Chainz single, finds the Chainz, YG, and Offset paying tribute to their hard-working moms, who also appear in the video. Chainz and YG both appeared on Kimmel, alongside their moms, to perform the track, and now YG has shown up in an additional clip where he reads a text from the one-and-only Shonee Jackson before being interrupted by her.

The text requests a $100,000 car from YG for Shonee's 50th birthday. After the rapper reads the text, Shonee herself enters, quoting her intro from his debut album My Krazy Life, as she uses his full name: "Keenon Daequan Ray motherfuckin' Jackson." YG responds by joking that she's making the bit too long.

It's one of many texts read from a variety of celebrities who have guested on the show, including Kristen Bell, Anthony Anderson, Adam Scott, and more. It functions a lot like Kimmel's popular Mean Tweets series. Though admittedly, it seems a little more scripted.

Watch the full clip above. You can watch the performance of "Proud," which brings the mom-celebrating video to life, here. YG's forthcoming third studio album, Stay Dangerous, is expected to be released later this year.