YG recently linked up with Complex's Joe La Puma at Flight Club in Los Angeles for a brand new episode of "Sneaker Shopping," in which the Compton-native talked about collecting Air Jordans, his friendship with James Harden, and why Russell Westbrook reminds him of Michael Jordan.

Although he grew up on the West Coast, YG explains that he loves the Chicago Bulls thanks to his dad, who has a Jumpman tat on his leg and still collects Air Jordans to this day.

During the visit to Flight Club LA, YG discussed his style growing up and how he pioneered the skinny jeans/Vans movement in his neighborhood at a time when nobody was supporting the look. Of course, as a Bulls fan, he also had plenty of Air Jordans coming up, specifically the Air Jordan 1s and 13s which are his favorite kicks to hoop in.

Check out the full episode of "Sneaker Shopping" below.