The Bobby Brown Story is meant to clarify a very popular narrative. Bobby Brown is hopeful that this interpretation of his story will shed some light on his relationship with Whitney Houston and address his reputation as a violent bad boy.

A clip that shows the former couple arguing gives a taste of the drama that could be expected in the BET production. Fans will notice that despite the heightened emotions, Brown doesn't lay a single finger on the diva who confronts him.

Gabrielle Dennis, the Luke Cage actress who plays Whitney, explains why she thinks this biopic is an important addition to the couple's publicized narrative.

"At this point, sometimes I feel like [the audience] has been there, done that, they’ve heard it before. But it’s different when you’re hearing it from a voice of a person who was [on the] inside…. it was very interesting for me to have heard his story for the first time."

Dennis believes the film will show Bobby's journey in a more nuanced way than previous cinematic productions.

“He’s a bad boy…. but at the core he was a loving person and is a loving person. It’s unfortunate that a lot of times other outside influences and distractions take us on a different path. A lot of times audiences are only seeing where he ended up and didn’t make it to see the journey of how and why he got to where he was.”