Vevo's mini-documentary Still Storch dropped yesterday. The 20-minute production offers fans an exclusive look into Scott Storch's personal and professional life, detailing the producer's rise to stardom, his fall and his return to music. 

Scott Storch became a household name in the music industry but fell off track due to issues with substance abuse. He is behind numerous instrumentals of hit records that span across a couple generations. Scott is the one who laid down the recognizable keys on Dr. Dre's "Still Dre." He's also behind Justin Timberlake's "Cry Me a River" and Mario's "Let Me Love You." The list of artists he has collaborated with is extensive.

The documentary's narrative is carried by Scott's storytelling. The artist begins with his first musical memories, recalling how his brother introduced him to a whole musical "encyclopedia" starting with heavy metal and alternative rock. He also shows off the very first plaque he received for a platinum record, things fall apart by The Roots

Storch shares how he felt during his downward spiral. He wished those whose careers were bolstered by his talents would stand by him during the hard times. Instead, "they just turned their backs on me." He gives credit to a friend named Florence, for taking him out of Miami and getting him clean in L.A. Get the full picture below.