Currently, supermodel Tyra Banks is making the rounds in promotion of her Life-Size 2 film, the sequel to the original film that debuted 18 years ago, starring Banks and a young Lindsay Lohan. In the film, Tyra portrays the original Black Barbie, Eve, a doll who comes to life off the power of magic and all that good stuff.

Notably, Eve (the doll, not the Ruff Ryder) has a theme song “Be A Star” that was originally performed by Tyra herself. The track recently got a “Be A Star 2” reboot that features Tyra Banks flexing rapping skills in a clear attempt to deliver on an updated sound. On that topic, Sway naturally inquired about Tyra’s skills off-screen and the supermodel kindly offered up a response by whipping out an old rap she penned in the ninth grade to make her point.

"I wrote this in algebra class, in the ninth-grade," she explained. "I was in the back row. I was struggling a little bit in class.”

Soon enough she took off on her set of bars: “I'm 34A, but that's okay, 'cause the rest of my body is just touche/I'm 5'9', I look so fine/Yes, all of my fellas are so divine," she raps over Busta Rhymes' "Touch It." "When I'm finished with this, you might as well dismiss/All the other female rappers, 'cause y'all just pissed/My eyes so green, they look so keen/If you had one look, you'd know what I mean/My hair so brown, it is always down/And on my face there never is a frown."

You can catch the full performance around the 11-minute mark down below.