Over the years, Drake has had a long running relationship with his hometown-producer T-Minus, who’s responsible for helping Drake construct some of his biggest hits to date with “The Motto,” “HYFR,” “Make Me Proud,” “Replacement Girl,” and even DJ Khaled’s “I’m On One” back in 2011. While the Toronto producer has been relatively quiet over the past year or so, it didn’t come much of a shock to see him credited on Drake’s new album More Life, for his work on two records… “Sacrifices” & “Blem.”

Recently, Genius linked up with T-Minus at his home studio in Toronto, and asked the 29-year old hit producer to walk them through the creative process for the standout record “Blem” for their on-going series “Deconstructed."

“You never know what Drake’s gonna take. I send him everything,” T-Minus tells Genius. “As soon as I hear Drake is writing to a beat or using a beat, it’s the best news I get because he’s the pickiest artist I’ve ever worked with. That’s how you know when a song’s a potential hit is when you’re stuck just singing the melody. I was like, ‘This is perfect.’”

Using Fruity Loops, watch T-Minus break down how he came up with the beat for Blem in the 4-minute video (below).