Among the many benefits of being an on-demand video service, Netflix doesn’t have to cater to the normal spring/fall premiere schedules that so many TV networks follow. Instead, they can just keep rolling shows and movies out. The latest film on the way is called The Discovery, and follows up the trailer for another upcoming show called iBoy.

The film follows a similarly weird and dark sci-fi path as their most recent original show, The OA. The film’s plot centers around the discovery that the afterlife is real, and the resulting effects of that discovery on the world. Particularly, that people keep killing themselves.

To the say the premise is dark is an understatement, but the trailer actually makes it seems somewhat lighthearted. Jason Segel, Robert Redford and Rooney Mara star in the movie, which is set to hit Netflix accounts on March 31.

What are your thoughts on the premise?