We’re always down for a good horror film, and we have high hopes for the mysterious It Comes At Night after seeing the first trailer. We don’t know much based on the trailer aside from the fact that the movie takes place at a cabin in the woods (classic) and that there is some kind of contagious evil going on.

The trailer is scary enough as it stands, with a long hallways shot leading into a montage of creepy shots of someone tied up in the woods, an ominous red door and  a lot of people pointing guns at… something. The movie stars Joel Edgerton, Riley Keough and Christopher Abbot and is slated for release on August 25.

The film is a product of A24, the movie studio that’s turned out recent hits like Moonlight, Room and Ex Machina. Based on their track record, we’re excited for this one, but what’s your first impression of It Comes At Night?