The Dame Dash and Kanye West produced crime film, Honor Up, is set for release on February 16th and just before it hits theatres, the crew comes through with another trailer giving more detail to the premise of the movie. 

In the clip below, OG (Dame Dash) is talking to Cam'ron's character about the death of his sister and telling him not to react based on his emotions. Cam then explains to OG, that there's a different set of people in his life - those you hit the streets with, your family and your friends. 

Honor Up also stars Murda Mook, Blackface, Smoke DZA and Dame's cousin Stacey Dash. The movie follows OG, as he struggles to maintain a code of honor as a drug lord’s lieutenant. 

Speaking of Kanye, the newly announced father of three has reportedly refiled a trademark for his signature "Red October" kicks. These Nike sneakers were first released in 2014 and if the trademark gets approved, Yeezy may be jumping in another sandbox to release some designs with Adidas' competition.