We’re sad to announce we've reached the conclusion of Eric Andre’s one week only show, Eric Andre Interviews The Hot Babes of Instagram. Clad in a bolo tie, Eric Andre starts things off weird in both of the final episodes, and ends both of them even weirder.

The fourth installment features Deborah Lee, AKA “Cup Them Cakes.” She answers questions about her stripping background at the Gaza Strip (not a real strip club), whether she squirts and her negative Instagram comments. The ending is… you just have to watch it.

The fifth and final episode features model Jennifer Lee, who is subjected to Eric Andre’s version of a magic trick. It’s not very magical. He gets a very special guest in the form of Anonymous (the internet one) and one final appearance from his sax-playing director.

If you enjoyed those two episodes, be sure to check out the first three here and here.