After successfully conquering network TV, prestige TV and most recently movies, Netflix has its sights set on dominating one of the few visual media genres it hasn’t touched yet: stand up comedy. They’ve already taken home awards at all the major award shows, most recently winning an Oscar for their joint documentary on the OJ Simpson trial. Now Louis C.K. is headed to the streaming service to bolster a stand up roster that already includes Ali Wong, Amy Schumer and Dave Chappelle. Watch the first trailer below.

Unlike the trailer for Dave Chappelle and Amy Schumer’s specials, this one keeps its jokes close to the chest, instead showing the comedian getting prepared to go on stage in the green room. In classic Louis C.K. fashion, it takes all the glamour out of the event.

The special is titled 2017, and drops next Friday, April 4. It is one of two that the comedian has signed on to create for Netflix, but we won’t get to see the second until sometime in 2018.