By now, whether or not you're even a Beyoncé fan, you've probably seen a lot of her Coachella performance floating around the internet. Thankfully, the performance was immortalized by a camera crew, but the truly fans are the ones who were able to experience it live; Rihanna being one of the luckiest of all.

The singer was seated front row during Bey's set, as a few fans noticed, posting footage of the singer on Twitter. "RIHANNA OUT HERE FRONT ROW AT BEYONCE LIVING HER BEST LIFE," wrote one user.

While Rihanna did not post any photos or videos of the performance, her good friend Melissa Forde, who we can assume was seated beside the singer, gave us a good idea of the very enviable view the two had. 

Though she did not perform herself, Rihanna made a strong impression at day one of Coachella, showing up in a 60s-inspired outfit that was lauded by fans. On Friday, SZA performed her collaboration with Rihanna "Consideration," but Rih did not take the stage. With day 3 of the festival taking place Sunday, there is still time for Rihanna to make an appearance on stage. Either way, people will likely be talking about her again tomorrow.