After showing her support for the Women's March on social media yesterday, Rihanna made her way to a protest outside Trump Tower in New York yesterday. As you can imagine, a few clips of the singer amongst the crowd have made their way online, which show her participating in pro-choice and anti-Trump chants.

"She danced along to the crowd's chants and chanted along to 'My body, my choice' and 'Black Lives Matter,'" says New Yorker and Cinderly co-founder Laura von Holt, who spotted Rihanna in the crowd, and spoke to Mashable via email. "She was laughing and chatting with the other protesters, commenting on signs and T-shirt slogans. She seemed very happy to be a part of it."

One clip that has been passed around online shows Rih dabbing and hitting the Milly Rock during a "Donald Trump has got to go" chant.

Fans suggest that Rihanna flew all the way from Paris to attend the protests, though it has not been confirmed.

While most of the photos and videos of Rihanna's protesting was shared by fans, she did post a few photos to her own Instagram account where her "This P***y Grabs Back" shirt can be seen more clearly.

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