Rico Nasty and Asian Doll used to be friends and collaborators, but based on a video that surfaced yesterday, those days are long gone now. 

The pair were caught getting into a heated argument that gave way to a nasty physical altercation, most of which was caught on video. It's the culmination of months of snide shots being fired by both women at each other, after Rico supposedly took issue with the fact that Asian Doll was beginning to sound a little too much like her musically.

The below clip of the fight is short, but you can clearly see both women get into it in a big way, with Rico Nasty eventually getting thrown the to ground before the cameraman turned away from the action. There's no word on whether there were serious injuries sustained by either individual, but there's no doubt that either rapper meant business.

Shortly after the incident took place, both rappers took to social media to defend themselves, with Rico seeming to be completely undeterred by the scuffle. "I wanna see the rest of that video, ’cause I was smacking the shit out her ass," she stated. Meanwhile, Asian Doll went on the offensive, recounting how Rico Nasty only attempted to scratch her during the fight and how, at the end of the day, one of them showed weakness and it wasn't her. "You hit the floor in 6secs within the fight your nigga jumped in & got rocked," he wrote later in a now-deleted Twitter post.

Who do you think came out on top in this one? Make sure your voice is heard in the comments section.