The YouTube comments section isn't always the friendliest place on the internet. So even when you look at the response to a video like Rae Sremmurd's "Black Beatles," a beloved and hugely popular song, you're bound to find some haters. Usually, these often-anonymous opinions come with no consequences, but in a new episode of Noisey's The People Vs..., justice is served as the duo made up of Slim Jxmmi and Swae Lee directly respond to a few of the more colorful comments on their "Black Beatles" video.

Of course, the two had to defend themselves against rockists offended by their use of The Beatles' name. "We are not comparing ourselves to the Beatles," Jxmmi explained. "We're the Black Beatles. We're rock stars. New age, new generation, and we doing rock star shit every day."

When one commenter asked "How would the Beatles react if they saw this?," Jmmi had to remind him that not has Paul McCartney heard the song, but he even participated in the Mannequin Challenge (and also wrote "love those Black Beatles").

Of course the response wasn't all negative, one commenter even suggested that John Lennon was lighting up to the song in heaven, which of course the duo was pretty psyched about.

Watch the whole thing above, and if you're one of the haters the duo responded to, make sure to send Jxmmi your address.