Omarosa is currently on a book tour to promote her latest publication entitled Unhinged: An Insider's Account of The Trump White House. The public figure, who is most often portrayed in the media as a tightly-laced, fear-inducing ice queen, showed another side of herself in Texas this past Friday.

The author was celebrating one of her girlfriend's birthday alongside a hyped up posse. The ladies made their way to the Daiquiri Shoppe in Grand Prairie to live it up. Videos of the turn up show Omarosa and her girls dancing to Nelly's "Hot In Here" while singing along to every single word. The former political employee can be seen peeking her shoulder out of her blazer when singing the "so take off all your clothes" part of the throwback bop.

Cutting it up topped off this week's press tour quite nicely for her. Omarosa has had to deal with serious matters most days as she works to deconstruct and destroy president Donald Trump's administration. She recently served them an explosive blow by providing video proof of his relationship with a convicted felon. The lady deserves a break after this type of grinding. 

Unhinged: An Insider's Account of The Trump White House dropped earlier this month.