Nas was at Palms in Las Vegas last night as the club's hip hop dignitary for the evening. The Queensbridge legend was in a playful mood for once. No "hip hop is dead" analogies were parlayed to the crowd, not even a single mention of the birds or the bees. Nas, or rather Nasty Nas was so boozed up he could barely find his balance. TMZ has recovered a video of him slurring his words, and "diddy bopping" to Michael Jackson's "Human Nature," pretty much how I'd imagine Nas after a couple of mickeys.

Nas was so dizzy that he had to plan his exit after only 10 minutes on the microphone. If you listen, Nas tells two women that he can barely hear himself speak. It seems he was sober to realize it wasn't the right time and place for his level of inebriation. He tried to make peace with the crowd, once it became clear he was trying to weasel out. Nas finished speaking in tongues and shouted out to "everybody living life," at least those he identified in the crowd. He should know, his alcohol consumption was something out of a W. C. Fields' skit, although we weren't privy to the pre-drink affair.