The majority of Ugly God and Nardwuar's interview has Ugly God simply asking " do you know that?" in response to most of Nardwuar's detective-like questioning. That's quite standard fare for Nardwuar, who just yesterday dropped off a new interview with Desiigner, also shot down in Austin, Texas during SXSW.

The interview touches on Ugly God's youth, his manager's past (who gets pulled into the interview semi-unwillingly), and his forays into production, with Nardwuar serving up his usual array of gifts, much of it vinyl.

Check out some of the facts we learned from the interview, and watch the full piece below.

  • Ugly God was born at 1:23 PM, September 19th, 1996
  • Ugly God was #5 player on his high school team, and was ranked at #2637 in the nation 
  • Ugly God loves recycling 
  • Ugly God's rap name was Young Hermit Crab for approximately a week
  • Ugly God's manager's mom's danced for James Brown