To promote the upcoming Fast & Furious 8 movie, along with his newly-released "Vitamin D" single, Ludacris made his way by the NBC studios on Tuesday and served as a special guest on The Ellen Show.

During his time on set, Luda was asked to play a little fun game of “never have I ever” with comedian Chelsea Handler. Among the things they’ve both done, Luda & Chelsea revealed that they’ve done shows while intoxicated, both have been in handcuffs, and both have been kicked out of bars. Both also stole things, used fame to get out of traffic tickets, and they’ve each joined the mile high club. But sending nudes on the other hand, that's only Chelsea's thing apparently.

In addition to the innocent game, Luda later talked to Ellen by himself for a more informal conversation, talking about the upcoming movie The Fate & The Furious, and the muscle-bound actors that he's starring in the movie with.

Check out both clips of Luda’s visit on Ellen (below).