What better way to kick off the release of an album called Teenage Emotions than with a good-old high school lunchroom-style food fight? Lil Yachty's album release show at the Loews Hollywood Hotel in L.A. suddenly went from listening party to fry-wielding chaos on Thursday, and Yachty himself seems to be the culprit.

It's not clear if it was all planned from the beginning, but TMZ has shared footage of Yachty climbing atop a table to tell the crowd. "Can y'all dig what I'm motherfuckin' thinking?" he asked, before yelling, "Motherfucking food fight!!"

Instantly, dishes are thrown across the room and Yachty is seen dodging flying hors d'oeuvres before things get too chaotic for the cameras. It's some wild footage, but all in all, it seems like everyone was having a great time. TMZ says it's "unclear" if Yachty is in trouble with the hotel, though it still seems possible that they were aware the food fight would take place from the beginning.  

Yachty's debut album Teenage Emotions is now available for stream. It features guest appearances from YG, Kamaiyah, Migos, and more.