Uzi fans have got to chill. This is now the third time since the start of last month that he's been caught on camera pulling stuntman moves in order to escape mobs of uncontrollable teenage ragers. In the first instance, he darted around a backstage lot with a herd of crazed fans behind him, eventually evading them by scaling a very tall fence with amazing ease. A couple of weeks later at the Day N Night Festival, he wasn't so lucky, as a group of fans went as far as to tackle him to the ground. It's a wonder he wasn't seriously injured. This weekend it happened again. 

Yesterday, during Day 1 of the Made in America Festival in his hometown of Philly, Uzi almost got taken out -- a few different times -- while making his way to the Tidal stage. In what looks like a clip taken from a video game, Uzi can be seen dodging series of feverish fans with some moves straight outta Madden '17. Yes, he hops another fence -- this one shorter, but it's still freakishly impressive. 

The chase continues until Uzi hops yet another fence and runs up the back staircase to the stage in the nick of time. Without catching his breath, he jumps right into his performance, beginning his biggest hit, "Money Longer," with the same level of adrenaline. 

Also yesterday, Jay Electronica actually called upon the crowd he was performing for to "collapse this motherfucking stage" and "tear this bitch down." One observer said that Electronica's alarming request was made in attempt to regain the attention of his fans, many of whom had spotted Lil Uzi making his way through the public festival grounds. That account now makes sense.