Fans of Lil Pump and his widely-publicized antics are familiar with the sight of a drugged out Pump flexing and talking all kinds of wild business. In fact, the young "Gucci Gang" rapper has recently been documenting his newfound love of hilariously massive blunts, which you can check out over at his IG page. And while the divisive superstar has officially vowed to give up Xanax in the new year, Pump has once again found a way to trip on camera. In fact, the Floridian recently got his wisdom teeth removed, which resulted in his very own hilarious post-surgery video. 

In the clip, Pump channels his inner "David After Dentist," addressing the camera and speaking all manner of gibberish. Pump manages to come off as vaguely coherent, and at one point, he vows to take over the game in 2018. Granted, there are definitely some disgusting moments, and if you're not down with the site of blood dripping out of Lil Pump's mouth, while nurses gently dab it away and ask if they can keep the blood-stained tissue, you might want to avoid this one.

At one point, he teases....something....coming soon - it's hard to tell what. There's a lot of laughter and elongated, incoherent words; you know the drug has to be strong if it's got Lil Pump is talking like that. Check out the clip below, but remember, if you're squeamish around mouth stuff, you might want to opt for the mental picture instead.