After efforts from J.I.D, Ski Mask The Slump God, Stefflon Don, YBN Nahmir, and Wifisfuneral, the final batch of XXL Freshman have come through to kick the cypher. 

In all honesty, Lil Pump actually holds it down, kicking a rapid-fire flow, with only a mild mumble. True, his lyrics continue to cover the same themes, primarily his "bitches," his watch, and his love of designer fashion, but it's clear that he actually put in somewhat of an effort. Combined with the exuberant ad-libs from fellow Freshmen BlocBoy JB and Smokepurpp, the energy is undeniably infectious. Perhaps there's hope for him yet. 

BlocBoy is next up, slowing things down and putting some Memphis sauce on the proceedings. "I remember days I had the 38 special," raps BlocBoy, "I remember days I rode the shortbus, I'm special." As the verse progresses, Pump and Purpp accentuate the rhymes with haphazard "Shoot" dances, throwing money with reckless abandon. 

Smokepurpp comes through to close it out, after showcasing some notable chemistry with the homie Lil Pump. "Bankroll, that's a mini stack," raps Smokepurpp, "pull up on your block, bitch I'm blowing racks. I can't fuck with n****s all these n***as rats, you gettin lost in the sauce,here's a fuckin' map."

Though the final chapter of the Freshmen Cyphers was expected to falter, it definitely proved entertaining throughout, even if lyricism took a little bit of a backseat. All things considered, it's hard to argue against J.I.D. and Stefflon Don making the best impression. All things considered, what did you think about this year's Freshman Class?