This past Saturday, the 25th, marked the official return of the hit reality TV series, Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta. The new season boasts a heavy cast, but does not include former cast member, and Danger-Zone artist, Estelita Quintero. The model and actress may have ditched reality tv, but it’s only now that she feels comfortable being candid with fans about her journey.

In a recently released, 18-minute, YouTube video Estelita gives viewers an authentic recollection of her journey, from being a (skinnier physiqued) Miami stripper, to falling into depression while filming ‘LHHATL’ in Georgia."I remember my sister and my friends being on the phone, forcing me to get out of the bed," she recalls, during her depressive days in Atlanta."In the mix of going through depression, I started getting really really sick," she continues of her time, recounting the butt injections she had gotten 5/6 years ago when she was still a stripper in Miami. She goes into detail about needing two sessions of injections and going in for a third out of her choice - claiming her butt was really flat.  

She says her butt injection infection eventually got so bad, she couldn’t sleep, sit and even eat. She recalled flying to Miami and going through an MRI, after which a doctor informed her that her body was rejecting the "industrial" silicon which was injected into her behind and that she needed to "get this surgery ASAP," referring to a procedure in which the silicon would be removed.

Estelita is now focused on her health and upcoming butt injection removal surgery - which will take place on July 17th. She claims having attempted to remove the silicon numerous times, but not finding the right surgeons to do so, until now.