LeBron James' eldest son, 12-year old LeBron James Jr., took the court in Houston this past weekend for the 2017 John Lucas All-Star showcase, and proved once again that the apple doesn't fall far from the tree.

Even LeBron has been impressed with LBJ Jr's ball handling ability, shooting and court vision, saying that his son is better at his age than he was.

Per The Cleveland Plain Dealer,

“I didn’t handle the ball as well as he does,” James said about his son. “He handles the ball exceptionally and he shoots it a lot better than I did at that age, but I’ve always had the ability to pass the ball. It’s good to see him doing it as well.”

Check out the highlights from the John Lucas All-Star Weekend below. If you're wondering, LeBron Jr. wears #0 in honor of his favorite player, Russell Westbrook.